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Valentino rockster Spike velvet

SAY HELLO TO MY NEW BAAAAAAG! I’ve been eye-ing one of those Valentino bags for a while, but thought they were way too expensive. I also thought I wanted the smaller size, but when I tried it out in the store just to see if my daily stuff would fit, I came to the conclusion that it was too small for me and I was gonna get annoyed by the fact that I had to squeeze my stuff in. But then.. Between christmas and NYE Sam and I passed the Bijenkorf after dinner, just 5 minutes before closing. I literally put my hands in front of my mouth when I saw this bag standing there, calling my name AND having a sale tag on it! I was so happy it was ridicilous hahaha. Then I also saw it was 50% off. To me it’s crazy they put such a classic bag in such a wearable ‘color’ on sale, but I couldn’t be happier. I tried it on and fell in love immediately, but I was in doubt since it has gold hardware and my jackets all have silver hardware.. In the end I just couldn’t resist the bag and got it. No regrets! I love it and I use it a lot.

Top – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – vintage Levi’s 501
Heels – Truffle Collection via ASOS
Bag – Valentino


Oops, I did it again! I just can’t help being a bag lover. I choose a very classy one, just like the YSL one I bought in Paris in January. I went to La Fayette yesterday to check out the size of the one and also to check out other bags in the same category. I wanted a black small bag with silver hardware (all my other bags have gold hardware), but it had to be big enough to fit my daily stuff such as phone, wallet, car keys, some makeup etc. I love the Celine mini luggage, but they didn’t have it in the black with silver combo and the handles were too small for when I wanted to wear the bag on my arm. In my head I knew from the beginning the Givenchy Mini Antigona was the one I was gonna get, so today me and my mom went to Avenue Montagne to the Givenchy store to get the full Paris-Givenchy experience. Thanks so much to a Neringa for her service and patience with me! 

New: Alexander Wang Rocco bag

As you could have seen some weeks earlier this bag has been on my forever wishlist for a while. Through instagram where someone tagged me in a photo, I found out it was on sale at Shoebaloo! At that time I was in Germany so couldnt order it, but I emailed the costumer service and they (very quickly!) replied to me and told me they were going to keep one aside for me when I got home. Normally this bag costs 850 euro’s and now it was 595. I know, still a lot of money, but since it was on my wishlist and it was now more than 250 euro’s ‘cheaper’ I thought I should treat myself to an early Christmas gift. So here it is! The bag is pretty heavy from itself, but since it has a shoulderstrap I’m fine with that :). The rosegold detailing and studs are so beautiful and shiny, I can’t stop looking at it! Hope you like it too! There are still some Rocco styles on sale now at Shoebaloo !




New shoes: KENZO Vanina

Shirley from Styleguide posted these shoes on her instagram. She got them from Sarenza and they weren’t really what she expected. After thinking about it (for 5 seconds) I decided I wanted to buy them from her. She agreed and 2 days later they came in. I  love them! They are very comfortable and when you walk it feels kind of soft. I like the special wedge with the shine over them and the pretty flowers. The shoe itself is black, the heel is dark green. They don’t have a zipper, but they are easy to put on because of the pieces of ‘elastic’ on the sides. The heel is 13 cm high and the platform 3,5 cm.I hope you like them too! // Shirley van Styleguide had deze schoenen op haar instagram gepost. Ze had ze bij Sarenza vandaan maar het was toch niet helemaal haar ding. Na dat ik er over na had gedacht (voor 5 seconde) besloot ik ze van haar over te nemen. Ze vond het goed en 2 dagen later kwamen ze binnen. Ik vind ze geweldig! Ze zijn heel comfortabel en als je er op loopt voelt het een soort van zacht. Ik vind de speciale sleehak met de glans er over en de bloemen er op ook erg mooi. De schoen zelf is zwart, de hak is donker groen. Er zit geen rits in maar je krijg ze makkelijk aan door de stukken ‘elastiek’ aan de zijkanten. De hak is 13 cm hoog en het plateau 3,5 cm. Ik heb dat jij ze ook leuk vindt!
P1200541 P1200546

Blueprint Eyewear + SALE!

A few weeks ago I had a photoshoot for Blueprint Eyewear from Amsterdam. These sunglasses are the coolest! It was such a fun day with lovely people. Thanks guys! These are the first 2 pictures I can post here. Soon more!! Hope you like them. 

Visit www.blueprinteyewear.com to order your pair of Blueprint sunglasses and now you get 40% OFF! Happy shopping! // Een aantal weken geleden had ik een fotoshoot voor Blueprint Eyewear uit Amsterdam. Deze zonnebrillen zijn echt heel vet! Het was een enorm leuke dag met heel lieve mensen. Bedankt jongens! Dit zijn de eerste 2 foto’s die ik hier mag plaatsen. Binnenkort meer!! Ik hoop dat je ze leuk vindt.
Ga naar www.blueprinteyewear.com om jouw Blueprint zonnebril(len) te bestellen en nu krijg je zelfs 40% KORTING! Happy shopping!

My fall/winter H&M picks

The fall/winter trends this year seem to be based on 2 colors: darkgreen and dark/wine red. I like both colors a lot. Especially the red, because I think it compliments blonde hair. Also the plaid blouses came back! Either wear them buttoned up or tie them around your waist/hips. I found some nice stuff from H&M on the website to follow the trends! // De herfst/winter trends dit jaar lijken te draaien om 2 kleuren: donker groen en donker/wijnrood. Ik vind beide kleuren erg mooi. Vooral de rode, want ik vind dat rood erg mooi staat bij blond haar. Ook zijn de geruite blousjes terug! Draag ze helemaal dicht geknoopt, half dicht geknoopt of om je middel. Ik heb wat leuke items gevonden op de website van H&M die bij de trends aansluiten!
hmprodH&M 19,95

rodeblouse 19,95H&M 19,95groenvest 29,95H&M 29,95

groenejurk 39,95H&M 39,95rodeblouse ruit 34,95H&M 34,95groeneruitblouse 24,95H&M 24,95 stretchbroek 19,95H&M 19,95sale 9,95 broekH&M now on sale! 9,95

New Primark stuff

My lovely and pretty friend Desi (who is Queen of the Benelux 2012) came to visit last week. She wanted to go to Primark because there isn’t one near where she lives. And so we did! We stayed in the store for more than an hour and we both ended up with some nice stuff. Here is what I got! // Mijn lieve en mooie vriendin Desi (zij is Queen of the Benelux 2012) kwam op bezoek van de week. Ze wilde graag naar de Primark, want bij haar is er geen in de buurt. Dus dat hebben we gedaan! Uiteindelijk zijn we meer dan een uur in de winkel geweest en hebben we allebei leuke dingen gekocht. Dit is wat ik heb meegenomen!
2 cute bracelets, 1,50 eu each

P1200386Black and gold stacking bracelets. 3,00 eu


P1200387Make-up sponge. Review will be up next week! 1,50 eu

P1200389Paisley/Baroque print dress. 17.00 eu

P1200393Simple ‘chill’ longsleeve shirt (with a gold zipper in the back). 8,00 eu

P1200396Green blouse with embellished shoulders. 14,00 eu

Berhska for the 1st time

A new store has opened near by in Hoofddorp: Berhska! At first a was a little bit sceptical. I entered this store maybe twice before in my life and didn’t find anything that made my heart skip a beat. But, as someone who likes to experience everything that’s new, I had to go and see if there really wasn’t anything for me. So with a clear head I entered the store. My first thought was: Hmm, it’s so bright and white, it looks a lot like the Zara store around the corner. But shortly after that I saw that the clothes were way more ‘outgoing’, cool and something you don’t find everywhere. The first walk through the store I didn’t pick up anything, but the longer I kept walking around, the bigger the pile of clothes on my arm was getting. It was heavy! I ended up with something like 15 pieces of clothing to fit in the fittingrooms.

But then.. The guy at the fittingrooms told me I could only bring 6 pieces with me into the room. So I asked him what to do with the rest. He told me he had to hang it aside but that they could be taken away and hung back in the store. I was like ‘uhhh.. You don’t want to sell anything?’. But I did think the guy was nice and you couldn’t do anything about the rule of 6 pieces so I took all the pants, skirts and shorts I wanted to try on. I rushed into the fittingroom and started trying everything on  like a crazy, hysterical shoppingfreak. After I tried them on, I wanted 3 pieces so brought the other 3 back to the guy and took 3 new ones with me. I ended up with 4 things in the end that I bought: printed leggings, 1 croptop, printed skirt and a basic white tanktop. Unfortunately when I got home and tried on the leggings (I fit another pattern but ended up taking this one in the same size so didn’t try it on), there already was a hole in it. I am going to exchange it when back in Hoofddorp because I do really like it! Beneath photos from the croptop and the skirt.

Hope you like it! // Een nieuwe winkel is geopend bij mij in de buurt in Hoofddorp: Bershka! Eerst was ik een beetje sceptisch. Ik ben misschien twee keer eerder naar binnen geweest en ik vond toen niets waarvan mijn hart oversloeg. Maar, als iemand die graag nieuwe dingen uitprobeert moest ik wel even een kijkje nemen. Dus met een leeg hoofd ging ik de winkel binnen. Het eerste wat ik dacht was: Hmm, het is zo licht en wit, het lijkt net het Zara filiaal verderop. Maar kort daarna zag ik dat de kleding meer ‘outgoing’ en cool was en niet iets dat je overal vindt. Het eerste rondje dat ik liep had ik niets gepakt, maar hoe langer ik rond liep, hoe groter de stapel kleding op mijn arm werd. Ik eindigde met ongeveer 15 kledingstukken om aan te passen.

Maar toen.. De jongen bij de paskamers vertelde mij dat ik maar 6 dingen tegelijk mee mocht nemen in de het hokje. Ik vroeg hem wat ik met de rest moest doen. Hij zei dat hij die naast zich kon hangen maar dat ze dan wel weggehaald konden worden om teruggehangen te worden in de winkel. Ik dacht ‘uhhh.. Wil je niets verkopen?’. Maar goed, ik vond het een aardige jongen en hij kon er niets aan doen dat deze regel bestond dus ik nam alle broeken, rokjes en shorts die ik wilde passen mee naar een hokje. Ik ging als een hysterische, gekke shoppingfreak alles aan passen. Ik wilde 3 van de 6 dus bracht de andere 3 naar de jongen en nam weer 3 nieuwe kledingstukken mee. Ik eindigde met 4 items: een geprinte legging, 1 croptop, een geprint rokje en een basic witte tanktop. Helaas kwam ik er thuis achter dat er een gat in de legging zat (ik had dezelfde legging in een ander patroon gepast maar koos voor deze dus had ‘m niet aan gepast). Ik ga de legging zeker ruilen als ik weer in Hoofddorp ben, want ik vind ‘m wel heel leuk! Hier onder foto’s van de croptop en het rokje.

Ik hoop dat je het leuk vindt!