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Yesterday I participated in a catwalk show for weddingdresses from Sara’s Bridal. It was my first ever weddingdress-show and I really liked it! The dresses were so beautiful and all the girls were so sweet! It was a long but very nice day!

Me and Wioleta

I sent my mom a picture to show my hair and makeup and she told me not to look so grumpy so I sent her this haha

My first dress

My second dress, SÓ beautiful!


Blouse – Jacky Luxury
Pants – Primark
Heels – Primark
Bag – Alexander Wang



New photos

By Peter Orré



1st christmas day

As we do every year we went out with the family from my moms side to brunch at Van Der Valk. Back in the days we always went to Avifauna in Alphen a/d Rijn. Then we went to Breukelen three times and this year we went to A4 Schiphol to have some nice food. This was the first year my uncle wasnt with us anymore, so it was a little bit hard but we had a good time. It ended a little weird though, because my granddaddy had to go to the hospital by ambulance because he didn’t respond to us anymore. At first we thought he was sleeping but suddenly he also stopped breathing for a while. They brought him to the hospital and thank God he seems to be ok now. Making jokes again and stuff, crazy guy! Already the 6th time this happend so I really hope they can finally find out what’s wrong with his heart. Love u opi <3 Through the years we started a tradition which is to go and play 'Risk' at my aunts place. We started the game at 20.45 and at 1.45 we still weren't done so just called it quits. We were all so tired haha. 20131226-150203.jpg




Merry Christmas!


Outfit today

Scarf – Brrr
Sweater – My Brand
Pants – Primark
Belt – Primark
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Bag – Alexander Wang





New: Alexander Wang Rocco bag

As you could have seen some weeks earlier this bag has been on my forever wishlist for a while. Through instagram where someone tagged me in a photo, I found out it was on sale at Shoebaloo! At that time I was in Germany so couldnt order it, but I emailed the costumer service and they (very quickly!) replied to me and told me they were going to keep one aside for me when I got home. Normally this bag costs 850 euro’s and now it was 595. I know, still a lot of money, but since it was on my wishlist and it was now more than 250 euro’s ‘cheaper’ I thought I should treat myself to an early Christmas gift. So here it is! The bag is pretty heavy from itself, but since it has a shoulderstrap I’m fine with that :). The rosegold detailing and studs are so beautiful and shiny, I can’t stop looking at it! Hope you like it too! There are still some Rocco styles on sale now at Shoebaloo !




The unseen part 3

Last part! Enjoy!

Delicious house in the hotel

Photo wonder does wonders..

Kiss for you all!


View from stage

When I was writing my name and country in the book for the major of Madgeburg

Finally on our request we got fries and burgers and ohhhh it was so good!

Rehearsal outfit

National Costume at the general rehearsal

I’m proud of this bikini shot!

Afterparty with DJ Daniel Veloso who came to support!

3 musketeers foreverrrrrr

The unseen part 2

20131218-152734.jpg Ready to leave to another hotel again

20131218-152807.jpg With our bodyguard Veli

20131218-152841.jpg All 3 looking to the wrong part of my phone haha

20131218-152929.jpg <3 Miss U! 20131218-153011.jpg The long busdrive made me miss home

20131218-153116.jpg Mom wasn’t picking up

20131218-153149.jpg some girls before the National Costume presentation show

Vanessa from Canada!

20131218-153315.jpg Everybody should download the app ‘Photo Wonder’..

The unseen part 1

Here some pics from the last two weeks that I haven’t showed you yet!

20131218-150940.jpg Dropping off my suitcases at Schiphol

20131218-151029.jpg My bikini for the competition. Costum made by Marcelle Markus

20131218-151132.jpg With Miss Hungary Brigit Timar

20131218-151216.jpg One of the cutest pics with my roomie Lucka Kacurova from Slovakia

20131218-151313.jpg 3 musketeers making selfies

20131218-151351.jpg Smurf cocktails

20131218-151421.jpg The deserts were so good!

20131218-151458.jpg The stage for the National Costume presentation show at Holiday Inn Hotel Berlin City West

20131218-151603.jpg Cute bracelet from By Jaimie’s

20131218-151711.jpg When you give girls free time at a gas station..