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My champ

Last weekend it was boxing time! The Dutch Nationals were held at the Worldhotel Wings at Rotterdam/The Hague airport. Sammy had to fight his semi final on saturday. This was my first time seeing him box live and I was so nervous. I think I was even more nervous than for my own shows. I was feeling sooo proud when he walked down those stairs and everyone was cheering and clapping for him! That’s my man! He started off so well, the first round was definately for him. And then the second round.. At around half of the round HE KNOCKED HIM OUT! Finals the next day! Unfortunately Sam had to take a drug test which he had to drink a lot for. At the same time he had to be under 69kg the next day for his fight. He had a really hard time but managed to come back to under 69kg the next day. Uff that was a tense moment to be honest!

The next day it was finals day. I was even more nervous than the day before; I barely slept and my stomach was feeling like it was beeing squeezed all the time. He fought like a beast, so did his opponent. In the end it was a very close call and Sam won the silver medal. Despite the result which was a disappointment for him, I am so freaking proud of him! He has nothing to be ashamed off. You know; you learn when you loose, you don’t learn when you win..

Next up for him is a tournament in Hungary. I really wanted to come with him because I have friends living in Budapest, but the tournament is a 3 hour drive away so that’s not really gonna work unfortunately. I know you’re gonna rock it baby! I’ll be there for you, as always.

Photo’s by my amazing friend Jeancarlo Nunes dos Anjos.

Flying high

Wow what a show we had last week in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam! On September 19th the Liberty Global Tech Summit 2018 was held there and me, Sanne, Paula and Annika had the honor to perform an aerial hoop act in the main hall where the guests were having a massive dinner. The whole space was lit, but when we were starting they turn off all the lights and put spots on us so everyone was really watching and paying attention which was really nice. We were hanging quite high, between 7 and 9 meters, but it felt so gooood! Our show was a huge success and everyone was so happy afterwards! Thank Pzia for this job and thanks girls for the great work!

Pics – Nico Alsemgeest

10 years ago..

30 – 05 – 2008 ⭐️

Today exactly 10 years ago something crazy happened. After a rollercoaster ride I became the WINNER of the first season of HOLLAND’S GOT TALENT! It still feels unreal to be able to say this. I was a 14 year old girl, rhythmic gymnastics Dutch champion, challenging myself to do more with the talent I was given. I didn’t apply for the program to win. I just wanted to show the world what I loved to do. Without my parents I would have never been able to achieve what I have achieved today. Always taking me where ever I needed to go, wether it was training, a show, rehearsals and even a circus summer camp in Montrèal, Canada; at least one of them was always there. A massive thank you for everything! ❤️ Also a big thank you to my sister and brother for their continuing support and letting me claim our parents a lot 🙈 These four people mean the absolute world to me.

I’m beyond grateful that I’m able to say that my passion is still my job. This story is far from over..💖

Photos by Jean Pierre Heijmans.

Flexible Friday – HGT Memories

I thought it was time to bring back some memories from already 5,5 years ago. On march 25th 2008, at 14 years old, I auditioned for Holland’s Got Talent. I was so nervous about how people were going to react on what I was showing them. Me and my family were already so used to me being flexible and doing ‘weird stuff’ that we weren’t sure about it being spectacular enough. I couldn’t wish for a better ending. A standing ovation from the whole audience including the judges, three yes’es, an overload of amazing messages and so it began. For the semi final I did a hoop/ring act and I wasn’t sure if it would draw as much attention as my audition which I did in the tissu/aerial silk. Luckily the audience, judges and viewers liked it again and I was put in first place so I immediately went to the finals. I only had 2 weeks to come up with a complete new act and costume. It was a stressfull time but we did it. The beautiful big ring I barrowed from a circus-friend and I had to bring back the tissu, because that was how the Dutch people first became to know me. It went better than I could have ever dreamt of and in the end.. I was handed over the trophy from the first season of Holland’s Got Talent. Thank you so much for voting and supporting me back then. It still means so much to me. I can’t believe that it has already been such a long time, but people still show so much love and support, I’m so thankful! Let’s go back in time and enjoy the video’s :)! // Ik vond het wel tijd om wat herinneringen boven te halen van al weer 5,5 jaar geleden. Op 25 maart 2008, toen ik 14 jaar oud was, deed ik auditie voor Holland’s Got Talent. Ik was heel nerveus over hoe mensen zouden reageren op wat ik hen zou laten zien. Ikzelf en mijn familie zijn er zo aan gewend dat ik vrij lenig ben en ‘gekke dingen’ kan en daardoor wisten we niet of het wel spectaculair genoeg zou zijn. Ik had geen betere uitkomst durven wensen. Een staande ovatie van het hele publiek inclusief de jury, drie keer ja, een overload aan geweldige reacties en zo begon het. Voor de halve finale deed ik een hoepel/ring act en ik was er niet van overtuigd dat dit minstens net zo veel indruk zou maken als mijn auditie die ik in de tissu/doeken deed. Gelukkig vond het publiek, de jury en de kijkers thuis het weer mooi en ging ik direct door naar de finale dankzij de stemmen. Ik had slechts twee weken om een geheel nieuwe act in elkaar te zetten en ook nog een kostuum te laten maken. Het was een periode met wat stress, maar het is ons gelukt. De mooie grote ring had ik van een circus vriend geleend en ik vond dat ik de doeken weer terug moest brengen omdat dat het gene was waar het Nederlandse publiek mij voor het eerst mee zag. Het ging beter dan ik had durven dromen en uiteindelijk.. Kreeg ik de troffee van het eerste seizoen van Holland’s Got Talent overhandigd. Ontzettend mega bedankt voor het stemmen en supporten toentertijd. Het betekent nog steeds heel veel voor mij. Ik kan niet geloven dat het zo lang geleden is, maar mensen nog steeds zo veel liefde en waardering tonen, ik ben heel dankbaar! Laten we even terug gaan in de tijd en geniet van de video’s :)!


Semi Final


Flexible Friday

I already gave you a sneak peak of this photoshoot in my ‘InstaWeek’ last week, but here you got the results! The photographer is Sjoerd Stellingwerf who needed to do this assignment for school. It’s something totally different from what I already have, so I am very happy with the pictures! Hope you like them too! Personally I like the first one the best 🙂 // Ik gaf jullie al een voorproefje van deze fotoshoot in mijn ‘InstaWeek’ van vorige week, maar hier heb je alle resultaten! De fotograaf is Sjoerd Stellingwerf en hij moest bij deze schoolopdracht met kaders werken. Het is iets totaal anders dan ik al heb, dus ik ben er heel erg blij mee! Ik hoop dat jij ze ook mooi vindt! Persoonlijk vind ik de eerste het mooiste 🙂
contortion contortionslangenmens


Dear all! I thought it was time for a nice small giveaway so here it comes!

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Lieve allemaal! Ik vond het wel tijd voor een kleine giveaway dus hier komt het!

Ik heb twee dezelfde Mi Moneda munten, de grootst maat die ze hebben. Beide zijn goud. Op de foto zie je dezelfde munt maar met de twee verschillende kanten die ze hebben. En je kan er een winnen! Hoe?

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mimoneda coin giveaway