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During our boat trip we also made a stop at a beautiful place called Maslinica on one of Croatia’s many islands. We took some photos and had a coffee. That was pretty much it haha.

Purple wall

Welcome to Gambia! Me and my mom arrived yesterday afternoon so today was our first full day. Oh my did we ‘need’ this vacay! The weather is perfect: not too hot and a little windy. Slowly getting our tans on, talking, sleeping, resting, reading; exactly what we needed!

Jacket – Primark

Tee – COS

Shorts – Levi’s

Belt – ASOS

Sunnier – Quay

Last day!

Today was our last day of the holiday in spain, so sad! We had a great time! Today we went to the most beautiful beach of these past days, it was called ‘Tremal’ or something like that. The sea was very wild! We stayed there until 3 in the afternoon and went to McDonalds afterwards, always good haha!
Tomorrow its time to go home! We leave the Odissea park at 12 and land at Schiphol around 6. Back to rainy and cold weather :(. Thanks to my bf’s mom and stepdad for taking us with them! We had a greaaaat time!:):)


WIB: Sunglasses

I’m leaving for a 2 week holiday in Spain this Sunday so I thought it would be fun to start a little series of ‘What I Bring’ to show you different items I’m taking with me! Today: sunglasses!

Since Blueprint is one of my sponsors I got some of their sunglasses and I’m bringing three of them. The see-through ones with the purple/green are my newest! The Elba is my favorite style. Besides those three I’m also bringing my all time favorite Armani sunglasses. They match with everything!

Emporio Armani
Blueprint Eyewear – Noosa (find the most similar one here)
Blueprint Eyewear – Elba // Orange Tortoise (find it here)
Blueprint Eyewear – Elba// Purple Ice (find it here)

20140723-000926-566803.jpgblueprint sunglasses noosa elba armani


Do you sometimes feel stuck? Or just really really in need of relaxation? Well, I feel like that right now. I didn’t went on holiday last summer, because the Miss Intercontinental final was supposed to be held in Bodrum, Turkey in october. I found it a little bit too much to go on holiday myself too so I didn’t go. But due to safety they moved the event to Germany in december. Now I really feel like I have to get away. I need sun and time to sort some stuff out. Unfortunately all my friends have 5 days a week jobs and can’t just come with me. I don’t want to go alone, I like to share nice moments with people who mean a lot to me. But I’m sure sooner or later I will be able to get away and come back fresh! // Heb jij ook wel eens het gevoel dat je vast zit? Of gewoon echt even moet relaxen? Nou, zo voel ik me nu. Ik ben niet op vakantie geweest, omdat de Miss Intercontinental finale in Bodrum, Turkije zou zijn deze maand. Ik vond het een beetje te veel van het goede om dan zelf ook nog op vakantie te gaan dus ben ik thuis gebleven. Maar nu is de finale verplaatst naar Duitsland in in december. Ik wil er heel graag even uit. Ik heb zon nodig en tijd om wat dingen op een rijtje te zetten. Helaas hebben al mijn vrienden een 5 daagse baan en kunnen ze niet zo maar met mij op vakantie. Ik wil niet alleen, want ik wil graag leuke momenten delen met mensen die veel voor mij betekenen. Maar ik weet zeker dat ik vroeg of laat even lekker weg kan en helemaal fris en fruitig terug kom!
DAnielle 5 uits
Photo: Danielle Bouwmans – Miss Noord-Holland 2012