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green and asian

Asian themed clubnight yesterday! Had this umbrella in my closet for the loooongest time now and could finally use it! It fitted perfect with this theme. How slick are my wings tho wuhu! Took them a little more to the side than I usually do to create a little bit of a different look and I think I did quite a good job 😊

RePlay: Hole in the Wall

A long time ago SBS6 had a one-season program called ‘Hole in the Wall’. They invited me as a special guest on one of the episodes so I had to go through 1 wall. Of course it was shaped for a contortionist, but still, Gerard Joling and I didn’t make it through haha. Here are the (funny) pictures!┬á// Een aantal jaren geleden had SBS6 1 seizoen van een programma genaamd ‘Hole in the Wall’. Ze hadden mij uitgenodigd bij 1 van de afleveringen als special guest dus ik moest door 1 muur. Natuurlijk was het gat in de muur gevormd voor een contortionist, maar toch, Gerard Joling en ik redden het niet haha. Hier zijn de (grappige) foto’s!
We only had 7 seconds to get in to the right shape..
Not good!
pokNooooooo! Broken wall, and I hurt my chin haha.
Getting pulled out of the water. Who’s hand is on my bum??
sukkel‘It was your fault!’
NaamloosBye bye!