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10 years ago..

30 – 05 – 2008 ⭐️

Today exactly 10 years ago something crazy happened. After a rollercoaster ride I became the WINNER of the first season of HOLLAND’S GOT TALENT! It still feels unreal to be able to say this. I was a 14 year old girl, rhythmic gymnastics Dutch champion, challenging myself to do more with the talent I was given. I didn’t apply for the program to win. I just wanted to show the world what I loved to do. Without my parents I would have never been able to achieve what I have achieved today. Always taking me where ever I needed to go, wether it was training, a show, rehearsals and even a circus summer camp in Montrèal, Canada; at least one of them was always there. A massive thank you for everything! ❤️ Also a big thank you to my sister and brother for their continuing support and letting me claim our parents a lot 🙈 These four people mean the absolute world to me.

I’m beyond grateful that I’m able to say that my passion is still my job. This story is far from over..💖

Photos by Jean Pierre Heijmans.

RePlay: Hole in the Wall

A long time ago SBS6 had a one-season program called ‘Hole in the Wall’. They invited me as a special guest on one of the episodes so I had to go through 1 wall. Of course it was shaped for a contortionist, but still, Gerard Joling and I didn’t make it through haha. Here are the (funny) pictures! // Een aantal jaren geleden had SBS6 1 seizoen van een programma genaamd ‘Hole in the Wall’. Ze hadden mij uitgenodigd bij 1 van de afleveringen als special guest dus ik moest door 1 muur. Natuurlijk was het gat in de muur gevormd voor een contortionist, maar toch, Gerard Joling en ik redden het niet haha. Hier zijn de (grappige) foto’s!
We only had 7 seconds to get in to the right shape..
Not good!
pokNooooooo! Broken wall, and I hurt my chin haha.
Getting pulled out of the water. Who’s hand is on my bum??
sukkel‘It was your fault!’
NaamloosBye bye!