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I’m sorry I just can’t get enough of these pictures! Everyone is always taking pics in the flower fields here in Holland but I never managed to get one. Lucky me I have the sweetest boyfriend ever who even kind of ruined his new white shoes to walk over to the fields to get the pictures.. 😊 We quickly drove here before visiting my parents where we had ‘gourmet’ with the family. Oh how I love those family dinners back home!

I’m wearing a beautiful hairclip by Hermine Hold! It’s very sturdy so stays in the hair very well and also holds quite a lot of it. Thanks so much for sending it to me <3

easter – roses from the neighbor

My neighbor just rang the doorbell and gave me these beautiful roses! I looove me some flowers in the house and these or just amazing, seriously, they are so big!

First day of Easter today (we celebrate 2 days in the Netherlands) but I have to work tonight so we’re taking it easy 😊

Dress – Urban Outfitters

Chloe faye

I didn’t expect myself to say this at this point but; I bought my first ChloĆ© bag! It’s the Faye medium and it has all these beautiful cutouts which create a pineapple too! I got it at Paul Warmer in Amsterdam. This was really a case of unexpectedly walking into a dream bag. I really didn’t intend to buy anything like this bag that day, but when I saw it I really couldn’t leave it there. I’m so so happy with it. I combined it with my new Zara dress which was on sale and one of my fav comfy pair of heels to wear from Primark. 

By the way these pics were taken after I came back from a show and I still had my makeup on and it was golden hour so I really wanted to take some pics! So that explaines my glittery eyes, which btw you can get from Laguna Cosmetics! :))

What is your dream bag? Comment below!

White flowers

I am still so in love with this dress. I bought it around 2 years ago and it’s from Ivyrevel. Unfortunately it’s from an old collection so it’s not available anymore. The lace is so cute and feminine! The flowers are from a tree in our garden. Once in a while a flower falls down and I thought it looked cute in my Dutch braided hair :). What do you think?


After my first tattoo I was sure it wasn’t going to be my last one. I’ve been looking for some inspiration on what to get next and where. It does have to have a true meaning to it. Here are some pics I found the last couple of months that I really like. Some I don’t even have to think about getting, but I just really like how they look. // Na mijn eerste tattoo wist ik meteen dat het niet mijn laatste zou zijn. Ik heb wat rondgekeken om te kijken wat mijn volgende zal worden en waar. Het moet wel echt een betekenis hebben. Hier zijn wat foto’s die ik de afgelopen maanden heb gevonden en die ik heel mooi vind. Over sommigen hoef ik niet eens na te denken of ik ze wel of niet moet nemen, maar dan vind ik ze erg gewoon heel mooi uit zien.
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