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I’m sorry I just can’t get enough of these pictures! Everyone is always taking pics in the flower fields here in Holland but I never managed to get one. Lucky me I have the sweetest boyfriend ever who even kind of ruined his new white shoes to walk over to the fields to get the pictures.. 😊 We quickly drove here before visiting my parents where we had ‘gourmet’ with the family. Oh how I love those family dinners back home!

I’m wearing a beautiful hairclip by Hermine Hold! It’s very sturdy so stays in the hair very well and also holds quite a lot of it. Thanks so much for sending it to me <3

Blue Monday?

Blue Monday say whaaat? No Blue Monday for me! This was my styling for one round during the clubnight on January 18th. I really like how this look turned out! The hair made it very playful and young. Or something like that. Anyways, I think it just looked very cute and I felt comfortable wearing this. New fav hairstyle too!

Top – H&M
Jacket – Berschka
Shorts – vintage Levi’s 501

Marjan park Split

This morning my sister, our friend and me left for our yearly autumn trip! Previously we went to Milan and Valencia and now we are in Split, Croatia! We’ve never been here (or in the country) at all, but after one day we are already so impressed! Everything is beautiful and worth taking a picture of. The weather is really nice still; around 20 to 22 degrees. Sometimes it’s a bit windy but overall we are very lucky and happy! Tomorrow we’re gonna take a boat to some islands and Trogir, another beautiful city right at the see. Today we arrived pretty early, went to the apartment we rented (soooo nice, will tell you later!) and went into the city for some lunch. After that we walked up a s**t load of stairs into the Marjan park. Sounds like I’m complaining now but it actually was pretty nice to get kind of a little work out in (hello booty!) and in the end the view was very much worth it!

Studio 13

Today I had a video shoot at beautiful Studio 13 in Amsterdam with amazing videographer Frank van Rooijen. He contacted me after he found me on Instagram. He’s working on a personal project and after seeing some of his work I decided to work with him. The shots turned out reeeaaally nice but I’m gonna have to wait a little more for the video to be done since there will be around 11 others in the video. All with the same idea but done in their own way. Can’t wait to see the results!


At night the temperature goes down quite some degrees here so it’s better to dress a little warmer. Plus there’s a lot of mosquitos here (some can give you malaria..) so wearing long sleeves and pants saves you a lot of bites!

Top – Brandy Melville

Pants – H&M


Blouse – Jacky Luxury
Pants – Primark
Heels – Primark
Bag – Alexander Wang




I need a change! My hair has been this color for years! Last autumn I did get lowlights so it looked a little darker, but it was still blonde. I’ve been obsessed with Jaclyn Hill her hair. She is a beautyguru on YouTube. She always looks uh-mazing and she made me want dark red hair! It looks so pretty on her and since I feel like changing my hair, I’d really like to get it done like Jaclyn. When I was about 10 I wanted to dye my hair purple (like what?!) but it turned out bright bright red. I don’t remember that well how it looked, but I do remember my classmates made fun of me, mehh. This time I want to do it right. Go to my sponsor Pierot and walk out of the salon with the prettiest dark-winter-red hair. If I really am going to do it, it will be after the Miss Intercontinental final though, so maybe January. Stay tuned!┬á// Ik heb verandering nodig! Mijn haar is deze kleur al jaren! Vorige herfst heb ik wel lowlights in mijn haar gehad waardoor het iets donkerder leek, maar het was nog steeds blond. Ik ben geobsedeerd door Jaclyn Hill haar haar. Zij is een beautyguru op YouTube. Ze ziet er altijd ge-wel-dig uit en door haar wil ik ook donkerrood haar! Het staat haar zo mooi en aangezien ik mijn haar anders wil, zou ik het heel graag zo willen als Jaclyn. Toen ik 10 was wilde ik mijn haar helemaal paars (uuuhh wat?!) maar het werd helemaal fel rood. Ik weet niet precies meer hoe het er uit zag, maar ik weet wel dat mijn klasgenootjes mij uitlachten, mehh. Deze keer wil ik het goed doen. Naar mijn sponsor Pierot gaan en de salon uit lopen met het mooiste donkerrode winter-kleur haar ooit. Als ik het echt ga doen zal dat pas na de finale van Miss intercontinental zijn, misschien januari. Stay tuned!
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