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EL&N café

I soooo regret not taking a picture of my plate! I had some kind of warm croissant with avocado, feta and all kind of things on it and it was so good! Didn’t think the service was very good tho unfortunately. Sam already got his food and after 5 mins the waitress came to tell me that they didn’t have the thing I ordered anymore. Like.. But yeah then she recommended this and I was happy it was good 😊 Food makes me happy in general haha. I always get so cranky when I want food but can’t have it. Who’s with me?

Telekinetic powers??

I came across this video on Facebook and I think it’s so cool! It’s a kind of like a promo for a new movie called ‘Carrie’. You have to watch! Enjoy! // Ik kwam deze video tegen op Facebook en ik vind ‘m zo gaaf! Het is een soort promo voor een nieuwe film genaamd ‘Carrie’. Je moet ‘m echt even zien!