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The unseen part 1

Here some pics from the last two weeks that I haven’t showed you yet!

20131218-150940.jpg Dropping off my suitcases at Schiphol

20131218-151029.jpg My bikini for the competition. Costum made by Marcelle Markus

20131218-151132.jpg With Miss Hungary Brigit Timar

20131218-151216.jpg One of the cutest pics with my roomie Lucka Kacurova from Slovakia

20131218-151313.jpg 3 musketeers making selfies

20131218-151351.jpg Smurf cocktails

20131218-151421.jpg The deserts were so good!

20131218-151458.jpg The stage for the National Costume presentation show at Holiday Inn Hotel Berlin City West

20131218-151603.jpg Cute bracelet from By Jaimie’s

20131218-151711.jpg When you give girls free time at a gas station..

Outfit + video

Sweater – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Tights – Primark
Booties – H&M
Jacket – The Sting
Bag – Louis Vuitton
Scarf – Brrr


Preliminary evening gown competition

At yesterday’s preliminary evening gown competition in my beautiful dress from Angelic Bruids en Avondmode!



Final dress, short videos

This will be my final dress! My mom picked it up last minute at Angelic Bruids en Avondmode in her way to Madgeburg. The people from this store are seriously the best. They just got this dress in yesterday and they were so nice to let me barrow it already. My mom, my grandma and aunt arrived this afternoon and I was so happy to see some familiar people!
Sorry about the bad lighting of the videos, but I really wanted to show you!

The night

Today is full of rehearsals for the final tomorrow. Actually tonight we have a full rehearsal with bikini, evening gown and everything and that will already be the show they will chose the top 15 for the final. So tonight is the night I have to shine. Tomorrow is just for the audience and tv but of course I have to rock it again! Wish me luckkkk! xxxx


I need this camera!

Vanessa from Canada has such a nice camera, I really want it! It’s a Canon Rebel something. Seriously gonna save up for it, look at those pics!







Better pics from today

Rehearsal went great!
Here are more pics from today at the press conference, visiting the major of Madgeburg and at the radiostation. Enjoy! X








This morning

We got up pretty early because we had until 9 to get breakfast and at 10 the press was ready to get pictures from us. After the press moment we went into the bus to meet the major of the city. We all wrote our names and countries in the guestbook of the city hall so hopefully they won’t forget me! When we got out we quickly visited the christmas market which was placed in front of the city hall. It was so nice and cosy!
After our quick visit me and 5 others + last years winner from Venezuela went into small busses to go to a radiostation called SAW. They will air it tomorrow! I tried to speak German, but actually I can only understand it, so I answered in English. Luckily they didn’t really mind!
In a few minutes we are starting the rehearsals for the show. It will be a lot of work but in the end it will be worth it! X

Dress and necklace barrowed from my roommate ­čÖé


Christmasmarket yay!

In the bus to the radiostation


Another bikinishoot

We didnt have a plan for this night, but suddenly we were called to het ready for a new bikini group picture. We had something like an hour to get ready, so I refreshed my make-up, curled some pieces of my hair, put on my bikini and we went downstairs to get the photo done. Try to find me again!:)


Yolanda from Curacaooooo <3 20131210-220234.jpg
Roomies again!

A part of the group!

All done!

Now time to catch some sleep!


This morning we left Hannover and went to our last hotel. We are in Madgeburg now at the Maritim hotel where the final will take place. It is such a beautiful hotel and I’m so excited for the final!